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New 2016

1. Advent in the jubilee year of Mercy

2. Heart Spirituality

3a. Contemplaing the mystery

3b. Contemplating the mystery as members of the Body of Christ

4. Retreat for priests inspired by Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation: Evangelii Gaudium (click on "Pope Francis" - left menu). (Click on 'Priesthood' (left menu) and Scroll down to Retreat 1)

5. Retreat for Religious inspired by Pope Francis' Proclamation of the Year of Consecrated Life (click on Pope Francis - left menu) (Click on 'Religious Life (left menu) and scroll down to "Consecrated Life today")

6. Presentation on "mercy" inspired by Pope Francis' announcing the Special jubileee year of mercy (Click on "Pope Francis" - left menu, and scroll down)

7. Retreat on Introduction to the Old Testament. 17 presentations. Click on the Old Testament (left menu), then on Introduction to the Old Testament and scroll down

8. Holy Week Meditations

9. Series of 12 presentations on Luke's Gospel (April)

10. Jesus, Wisdom of God (May)

11. Life's Healing_journey (Introductory presentations)

12. Six reflections based on Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudato Si', on caring for our common home (Click on "Pope Francis"or "creation"- left menu

13. Series of 13 presentations on John's Gospel (July)

14. God's creative Spirit (August)

15. Clergy Retreat inspired by Paul (October)

About this site.


It brings together audio recordings (and at times text files) of lectures that I have given on all of the books comprising the Newer Testament as well as a significant number of the books comprising the Older Testament. These lectures are categorised as indicated by the links shown on the left hand side of this page. There are also lectures on other select topics as shown.


When you go to one of these pages you may find:

  • Reading  - a reference to my published commentary
  • Text files - these point you to the text of written material that I have composed on the topic.
  • Audio files – these give you access to the lecture itself recorded in MP3 format to which you may listen. Details are provided on how you can download lectures should you so desire. If it is more convenient,instructions are given on how you can purchase from me CDs (or DVDs – MP3 recordings only, no video) of various lecture series.

The menu at the top of this page.

  • About Me  - if you would like to know something of my background.
  • Books - provides information on the books that I have published and how they can be obtained.
  • Audio - takes you to all the audio files of lectures I have given.
  • CDs - provides information on the audio files that can be posted to you in MP3 format on a CD or DVD.
  • Homilies - I hope to provide a homily each week covereing the readings of the following Sunday.
  • Articles - takes you to some reflections on topical issues.
  • Links - takes you to a set of web sites that you may find helpful in your journey of discovery.


The information on this site is protected by copyright. You are encouraged to download and distribute any of the information from the site provided that you:

  • Do not change any of the material when you distribute it
  • Acknowledge the source and ownership of the material, (that is, Michael B. Fallon  MSC, www.mbfallon.com)
  • Do not charge a fee for any of the material downloaded and subsequently distributed

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Fr Michael Fallon MSC